Flow into Day 5


Something to balance the mind 

Mantra-based Meditation

This bite-sized podcast by Vedic meditation teacher & Ayurveda practitioner-in-training, Emily Rees will help settle your mind.

Commit to adding this into your daily ritual on a day when your mind is racing, or you feel like you are struggling to be present in the moment.

Something to help you digest… 

Yoga flow to support digestive health

Yoga is an amazing way to move energy through the physical body. Feel free to come back to this class if you need to kickstart your digestive system in the AM, or if you are feeling sluggish throughout the day. 


Dustin is the visionary & co-founder behind Warrior One Yoga, bespoke bayside yoga studios across bayside Victoria.

Through his dedication to his daily personal yoga practice, Dustin has found strength, flexibility, increased recovery, body awareness and an overall balanced lifestyle. His teaching style encourages exploring the potential of the body through the practice of mindful movement. Dustin is a qualified yoga teacher of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Yin, Acrovinyasa® and Yoga Tune Up®.




Congratulations – you’re half way there.

Reflect on what activity over the past 5 days has been most impactful. Jot them down somewhere like your journal or even the notes section of your phone. Post the 10 day reset if you feel like your mind-gut connection is starting to weaken, refer back to your list and let your mind & body guide you to the activity that it needs the most.


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