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Self-reflect and connect with our 3-5 minute Self-Care Assessment.

Receive a personalised plan with simple daily practices and wellbeing rituals focusing on mindfulness, movement, nutrition and restoration.

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At Wanderlust we honour that everyone’s individual wellness journey is different – but the opportunity to unearth the full potential of body and mind is the same.

Terms & Conditions

Because your wellbeing comes first, please read before continuing.

The Wanderlust Self-Care Assessment is designed to help guide you to prioritise your health goals by providing general wellness tips and daily practices around topics of mindfulness, movement, nutrition and restoration, based on the answers you provide us.

Any suggestions provided by Wanderlust are provided as general wellness advice only and are not intended to address any serious medical conditions. If you are on any medication, including the Oral Contraceptive Pill; have any health issues, concerns, or conditions; are pregnant or breastfeeding or likely to become pregnant; please talk to your healthcare professional before implementing any changes to your wellness routine.

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You can access our full Wanderlust Self-Assessment T+C’s here