Unlock your heart with Day 9 


Something to help with mental clarity & intuition… 

Heart Centre Meditation

This bite-sized podcast by Vedic meditation teacher & Ayurveda practitioner-in-training, Emily Rees will help you quiet the mental chatter and re-align with your intuition. 

Something to help you lead with your heart & mind… 

It’s time to put your newfound tools and techniques into practice. Throughout the reset we have been your guiding light through a wealth of mindfulness, nutrition and movement practices. 

We are now passing the torch over to you so you can start to carve out your own journey.  

Choose your favourite practice to add to today’s to-do list. Let your heart and mind guide you towards what you need today – we are putting your newfound intuition to practice after your heart-centre meditation. 





Well done – you’ve finished Day 9.

Today you got to spread your wings as we slowly start to emerge from the reset. Tomorrow is your final day where we will reflect on the past 10 days and the journey that continues after your complete the reset.

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