Stress Support
To help you bring your individual self to the world, we’ve personalised a plan with simple daily practices and wellbeing rituals focusing on mindfulness, movement, nutrition and restoration.

Explore on and off the mat


A simple, accessible meditation to help the body and mind relax, reduce stress and access a place of deep rest and restoration.



Encourage your nervous system to release stress and fatigue with our simple, guided forward folding Yoga sequence.



Relax your tongue! Nutritionist Shelley McKenzie shares how relaxing your tongue can help your body rest and manage stress levels.

Chaga Mushroom Latte



An Ayurvedic perspective on self-massage and how effective it can be in relieving your body of stress and allowing it a chance to restore.

Ayurvedic self oil massage

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Our Wanderlust plant-active wellness range.

We understand that supplements may not be for everyone, however if you’re looking for plant-active options to provide health and wellbeing support, here are a few of our favourites.
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