To help you bring your individual self to the world, we’ve personalised a plan with simple daily practices and wellbeing rituals focusing on mindfulness, movement, nutrition and restoration.


Support the natural intelligence of your body and gut to detox and digest with our twisting Yoga sequence.

If you would like to increase the effectiveness of your practice, please click HERE to begin with a warm up of five Sun Salutations.

NOTE – Please wait at least 2 hours after eating before doing this practice or, ideally, do just before you plan to eat.



The simple act of mindfully chewing your food. Nutritionist Shelley McKenzie shares why you should be more mindful when you eat to help aid digestion, along with her favourite detox greenie bowl recipe.
Detox Greenie Bowl



An Ayurvedic perspective on how to support your body in the purification and digestion of toxins.
Ayurvedic Purification to Digest Toxins