Rituals to reconnect with your feminine energy

April 12, 2022

By Kristy Gray

Divine feminine or feminine energy exists in all of us, yet you’ll be forgiven if over the last two years you feel like your feminine-mojo has been a no-go.
As we move into Taurus season (20 April – 21 May), the astrological sign ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, the time is nigh to reconnect through rituals to balance our yin to our yang.

What does ‘divine feminine’ mean exactly?

Wanderlust’s resident Astrologer and Life Strategist, Kristy Gray says that ‘divine feminine’ or feminine energy exists in all of us, regardless of our biological sex.

Feminine energy is represented by yin energy or lunar energy and when we use astrology to explore this, we look to the moon placement for insights and guidance.

“Some qualities that can help you recognise this energy, as it’s not something you can touch or see include; intuition, compassion, creativity, receptivity, nurturing and collaboration,” she says.

What impact can a lack or an imbalance of feminine energy have on our body, mind, spirit?

When we have a balance of both feminine and masculine energies, we find ourselves in the sweet spot of harmony and flow.

“The divine masculine is yang energy, or known as the Sun when using Astrology,” says Kristy.

“Masculine energy is inside all of us and it represents strength and assertiveness. Some qualities to help you identify this energy include; confidence, giving, and goal or task oriented actions.”

To put it simply, masculine energy can be characterised by ‘doing’ and very much associated with logic and reason, whereas feminine energy is focused on ‘being’, and more intuitive orientated.

“Not enough feminine energy can lead to unstable or avoidance tendencies. This manifests as dominant emotions or pent-up energy in the body, which could be exerted in negative ways,” says Kristy.

Similarly, too much feminine energy could leave you feeling powerless in circumstances and co-dependency shows up within relationships, manifesting in oversensitivity and may block the alignment of our mind, body and spirit which we need to guide us to take intuitive action.

What are some rituals to reconnect with our divine feminine in our everyday life?

Kristy says that re-connecting with the divine feminine isn’t something to be rushed and it ‘takes an act of surrender’.

However, she adds that we can tap into this energy at any given moment.

Meditation: use your own existing practice, or begin a simple meditation practice. There are many helpful guided meditation apps that you can start a daily 5-10 minute meditation practice to slow down, breathe and focus.

Switch off from your devices: live more presently, deepen your connections, make space to create rather than consume, and improve your sleep. It doesn’t necessarily mean cutting out devices altogether, but simply limit or be more conscious of your use.

Spending time in nature: Walk, swim, run, stretch, move, play. Ground yourself, drink in the fresh air, explore somewhere that you’ve never been before. Soak up the benefits of the ancient Japanese practice of shinrin-yoku ‘forest bathing’.

Journaling: Start a conversation with your higher self. You don’t need any practice, just write freely and let the words and conversations flow.

Creativity: make, paint, draw, dance. Switch off and play. There are endless activities to have more fun and let your mind focus on creativity again. If it’s been a while, think of the arts and crafts you used to do as a child, or the activities you set up for your own children to play. Ceramics, painting, floristry, drawing, candle-making.

Astrologically, are there any upcoming events that we can tap into more feminine energy?

As we near the end of Pisces season which represents divine oneness, spirituality and the subconscious mind, Kristy says that on April 12, 2022, both Jupiter and Neptune – the two rulers of Pisces and two expansive planets will meet in the sky and create a cosmic connection.

“This is the most celestial time for spiritual growth, nurturing new dreams, revolutionising your creativity and allowing a little bit of healthy escapism. Everything the divine feminine represents,” she says.

When we move into Taurus season – a feminine zodiac sign ruled by Venus, it’s another magical time to embrace this energy, then again when Venus moves into Taurus from May 29 – June 23.

New and Full Moons are always a wonderful time to harness feminine energy, so pencil in your feminine energy rituals on these dates too:

  •   Taurus New Moon – May 1st
  •   Scorpio Full Moon – May 16th
  •   Gemini New Moon – May 30th
  •   Sagittarius Full Moon – June 14th
  •   Cancer New Moon – June 29th


Are you ready to step into your power, go after your dreams and create an intentional life? Then meet your newest hype girl, Kristy Gray.

She’s an Astrologer and Life Strategist all about inspiring you to master confidence, gain clarity and transform your world. Sometimes life loses its sparkle – it can be hard to see the magic when your big dreams turn into checking off to-do lists…Kristy gets it. Through her signature formula, Astrostrategy(TM), Kristy gives you the tools(and mystical know-how)to dismantle the uncertainty that’s no doubt been holding you back. Find Kristy online kickstarting thought-provoking conversations, analysing what’s written in the stars and dishing up a spicy Astrology meme (or two) at www.kristygray.com






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