Sleep Support
To help you bring your individual self to the world, we’ve personalised a plan with simple daily practices and wellbeing rituals focusing on mindfulness, movement, nutrition and restoration.

Explore on and off the mat


A Yoga Nidra to support you in guiding the body towards deep rest, relaxation and, eventually, peaceful sleep.



Moving has the potential of stimulating an already excited nervous system, so we have created a guided breathwork practice to help you wind down and move your mind and body towards sleep. Turn off the lights, get comfy in bed and relax into sleep.



Count dreams, not sheep. Nutritionist Shelley McKenzie shares tips and a delicious sleepy-time drink blend to get you ready for a good night’s rest.

Sleep Time Latte



An Ayurvedic perspective on how to support your sleep with a simple nightime recipe.

Delicious Hot Milk Blend