What It Was Like To Be At Wanderlust True North

October 4, 2022

Wanderlust relaunches wellness events in Australia with True North

Since 2001, Wanderlust has been dedicated to understanding, expanding, and refining personal wellness. Through our breathtaking festivals and transformational experiences, we have brought together leading practitioners in mindfulness, yoga, nutrition, and holistic health – to support people around the world to find their true north. 

After two years of not being able to connect in person, we were excited to finally bring our wellness events back to Australia. In September 2022, we launched a new and exciting concept, True North.

Hosted by celebrity chef and entrepreneur Sarah Todd, True North took place in Sydney and Melbourne with a glorious line-up of musicians, teachers, thought shifters and artists for an afternoon of yoga, music, meditation and inspirational stories. There’s nothing quite like moving, flowing, meditating, dancing and connecting with a big group of like-minded people, and we are still buzzing from the experience!

Here is a highlight of what was in store for our Wanderlusters:

Welcome To Country With Gawurra

We were honoured to have Gawurra Gaykamangu, Australian singer-songwriter hailing from Milingimbi, North East Arnhem, join us at True North. He opened the event with a beautiful acknowledgment of country, and shared a song in his Gupapuyngu language.

Meditation & Sound Vibrations With Laura Poole and Benny Holloway

Laura Poole is a Vedic meditation leader, teacher and entrepreneur who has inspired countless people in this space over the past decade teaching people about the importance of prioritising mental and physical health and how it can really make a difference in the world. For this special occasion, she collaborated with soulful singer and sound healer Benny Holloway to take us on an unforgettable guided storytelling journey of meditation to help us reconnect with our highest self.

Yoga Flow & DJ Set With Tahl Rinsky and Nick Littlemore

Chris Hemsworth’s  yoga teacher Tahl Rinsky curated a unique breath-focused yoga flow suitable to all levels with Pnau frontman DJ Nick Littlemore offering the perfect musical backdrop. This sensory experience left us feeling in absolute trance and we were quite literally ‘in flow’.

Cultural Storytelling With Adam Goodes

AFL Legend and Australian of the Year Adam Goodes is incredibly passionate about raising awareness around racism and the empowerment of the next generation of Indigenous Australians. We were lucky enough to hear all about his own personal journey of cultural identity, connection to country and anti-racism in a very special and intimate session.

An Acoustic Session With Emmanuel Jal

Emmanuel is a South Sudanese-Canadian hip-hop artist who uses his voice to speak of peace and reconciliation based on his frightening experiences as a South Sudan child soldier. He has since gone on to become a political activist and peace ambassador, recently releasing his own autobiography War Child which provides a horrific insight into the atrocities of child slavery and the effects of war on third world countries. Emmanuel used his melodies to take us on a journey through his life and experiences, offering us valuable perspective on our own lives.

Wellness Market Stalls

Before and after the show, you could wander through our range of fabulous curated market stalls where you could nab some gorgeous arts, treats and gifts from local creatives while supporting local businesses. We also had a Wanderlust Liquids stand, where you could trial our fabulous cold-pressed herbs and chat to our knowledgeable in-house naturopaths. We even had our brand-spanking new Wanderlust apparel on display, which we designed in collaboration with Sener Besim specifically for this event.

VIP Brand Immersion 

After the event, we gathered with friends of the brand for in intimate immersion dinner, where we tasted a 6-course South Indian tasting platter by Sarah, heard from Adam and Sarah about their personal wellness journey and learnt from our in-house team about our plant powered, clean supplements. 

Thank you to the bottom of our hearts to everyone who made True North come to life, and to everyone who brought their wonderful energy to the day! As we recharge and look ahead for our next adventures, we have loved hearing everyone’s incredible feedback and are full of inspiration for our next events.

We’ll leave you with some of the biggest lessons we took away from the day:

👉 Surround yourself with people who make you laugh and bring the best out of you

👉 Don’t take life too seriously (aka don’t be afraid to dance like no one’s watching!)

👉 The power of yoga, meditation and authentic sharing is undeniable

What’s one lesson you walked away with?

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