Wanderlust Prebiotic Gut Goodness Sachet

With inulin derived from organic Jerusalem Artichoke and resistant starch derived from organic Green Banana as natural sources of prebiotic fibre.


A consciously created plant-active fibre blend with organic Jerusalem Artichoke and organic Green Banana as natural sources of prebiotic fibre.

Prebiotic: Organic Jerusalem Artichoke as a natural source of inulin and organic Green Banana as a natural source of resistant starch.

Bowel regularity: Additional wholefood powders provide a natural source of fibre to help keep your gut happy by maintaining bowel regularity.

Serving suggestion

Mix 1 sachet (4g) of powder into water, juice, milk of choice, your favourite smoothie or breakfast bowl.


Inulin derived from Jerusalem Artichoke* (37.5%), Green Banana Resistant Starch* (21.5%), Boabab Powder*, Pear Powder, Chia Seed Powder*, Green Kiwi Fruit Powder, Australian Desert Lime Powder.

*Organic ingredients.

No added gluten, dairy, lactose, soy, egg, artificial colours or artificial flavours.

Suitable for vegetarians and vegans.


Desert Lime powder and Pear powder sourced from Australia.
Organic Green Banana resistant starch powder and organic Chia seed powder sourced from Peru.
Organic Baobab sourced from South Africa.
Organic Jerusalem Artichoke inulin powder sourced from China.

Frequently Asked Questions

What format is this product?
Wanderlust Prebiotic Gut Goodness is oral powder format.

Is your product tested for quality?
At Wanderlust quality and integrity is at the heart of what we do. Each step of our manufacturing process, from the selection of raw materials to the manufacturing of the finished product, is performed with utmost care. All our products meet stringent quality.

What is your product formulation philosophy?
Our plant-active supplements and wholefoods are consciously created, made with integrity and purpose. At Wanderlust, our approach to excipients is simple – striving to use minimal excipients which serve a purpose. We stand by our core value to avoid using coating agents and tabletting aids, as such we have consciously left out tablets from our range - focusing only on capsules, powders and liquids. In addition, we take pride in the fact this product does not contain added artificial flavours, added artificial colours or any added animal products.

How should Wanderlust products be stored?
We recommend Wanderlust Prebiotic Gut Goodness to be stored tightly sealed, below 25° in a cool, dry place that's out of direct sunlight. The product does not need to be refrigerated.

Is it suitable to take if I am taking prescription medication?
If you are currently taking pharmaceutical medications, we recommend that you consult with your healthcare professional for further information on the suitability for you.

When should this product be taken?
We recommend you take one sachet (4.5 g) daily as per the directions for use found on the product label. Consume immediately. We suggest taking at a regular time where you can make it part of your daily wellbeing ritual to help with consistency.

RRP $39.99 / Sachets 15 x4g

Consciously created with intelligence and integrity, Wanderlust formulas have a clear purpose: to support you on your wellness journey.


We strive to harness the best from nature. We are dedicated to sourcing quality ingredients from around the world, selecting certified organic ingredients wherever possible.

Jerusalem Artichoke

Helianthus tuberosus

Native to central North America, Jerusalem Artichoke is now grown throughout the world in cold-tolerant temperatures. Also referred to as Sunroot, Sunchoke or Earth Apple, this perennial plant is recognised for its small yellow flowers, hairy oval shaped leaves and an underground rhizome system which bears small tubers.

Interestingly, the name “Jerusalem artichoke” is misleading as it is a type of sunflower in the same genus as the garden sunflower; however, it has no relation to Jerusalem, neither is it a type of artichoke.

The plant is a natural source of inulin used for its prebiotic fibre to help keep the gut happy by maintaining bowel regularity.

Jerusalem artichoke tubers have a long history of human consumption, and the plant’s green matter has a long history as animal food.

Green Banana


One of the most cultivated fruit in the world, the banana belongs to the Musaceae family of flowering tropical plants and is distinctively recognised by the banana fruit clustered at the top of the plant.

Not really a tree by true definition, the banana plant is a giant clumping tropical herb. Even more confusing, bananas are botanically a berry, making them a fruit and a herb.

The plant is a natural source of resistant starch used for its prebiotic fibre to help keep the gut happy by maintaining bowel regularity.

Buddha named the banana to be the symbol of the futility of earthly possessions.

Our Difference

Consciously Created

Striving for minimal excipients is what sets us apart. From inception, we have approached what we do differently by questioning the use of coating agents, plastic packaging and animal-derived ingredients - so you can positively support yourself and the planet.

Plant-Based Power

Committed to supporting you with plant-active supplements and wholefoods, our range strives to harness the best from nature. Dedicated to sourcing quality ingredients from around the world, we select certified organic ingredients where possible.

All Vegan

Our plant-active wellness supplements and wholefoods are consciously created with intelligence, integrity and purpose—vegan-friendly, minimally processed and free from added artificial flavours and added artificial colours.


We may not have all the answers you seek, but know we’re committed to making greener choices for you and the planet every day. From our packaging, ingredients through to our B-Corp certification for our mushroom wholefood range, we are committed to being a force for positive change.

Consciously Created

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